I have a website that I don't want users to see that it is an untrusted site. I want them to just be able to go to the webpage and skip all the trusted site stuff. Do I need to buy a certificate??? Do you sell this certificate so my user's will not need to go through this non-trust verification stuff?



You can buy a certificate (not necessarily from the webmin guys) but there are many services that offer free certificates, typically for at least 12 months

google: "free SSL certificate"

For example, see: http://www.startssl.com/?app=1 HTH

Webmin has been good to me so I would like to buy if they can provide that function. I don't want a website under https to look like an untrusted source.

sorry, I don't even know if they're selling SSL certificates at all - but maybe that'd be a good idea, i.e. becoming resellers and adding a link to webmin to purchase SSL certs through them ... definitely food for thought!

Thanks for thinking of us!

Unfortunately, we don't offer SSL certificates.

However, in order to prevent that popup/warning message your users are receiving, you would indeed need a commercial certificate. There are a number of low-cost options there though.