Virtualmin Backup / Restore fails while using self built apache webserver


I've compiled apache 2.4 / php-fpm according to :

Apache 2.4 is installed in /opt/apache2 and I have changed Apache default module configuration settings on webmin.

Now, Both virtualmin backup-domain / restore-domain fails with the following error :

virutalmin restore no Apache virtual host found!

When I restore the default apache module configurations the error get fixed.

My apache 2.4 module configuration is working properly on creating / deleting domains.



Can you paste in the contents of your domain's "VirtualHost" block from /etc/httpd/httpd.conf?

Seeing the exact contents of the <virtualhost> ... </virtualhost> that relates to the domain that's experiencing that problem will help us determine why you're receiving that error.

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Submitted by Mostafa on Sun, 10/20/2013 - 13:52

I've restored default apache module configuration settings, completed the migration and then restored my preferred settings.

Maybe in the next migration I record the log and post it there.