Resyncing a DNS server that's been off-line

I have a tertiary DNS server that is down and will be replaced. We are running VM-gpl on them to tie into cloundmin and out general hosting environment. What's the best way to "sync" that once we get a new server in place. Can we just delete the zone files and restart named?

There have been too many DNS changes so I just want to clear it and rebuld the DNS zones.

-- Craig



If you're setting up a fresh empty server, it's going to be missing both the zone files and the zone configuration... So I'm a bit confused about the question. :)

How is the replacement happening? How could the zone files be still present after you set up a new system?

If it gets cloned/moved somehow so that the previous config stays intact, then yes you're right! When you delete the zone files and restart BIND, it will fetch fresh copies from its assigned master. Only for zones though that are in its config file of course.

You are correct, it is a vm so I have backup images dating back several months to use as a restore if needed. Sorry I wasn't clear about that. In this case I would have all the config files but stale zones. Thank you for confirming my "reload" process.

Good point, I will need to make sure any new domains are added to named.conf.

-- Craig

You can even automate the "add to named.conf" process by having your slave be a "DNS Cluster Slave" in Webmin. Whenever a zone is created on the master then, Webmin will auto-create the zone on the slave too, with the correct master configured.

And when you add a cluster slave to the master's setup, you can have it auto-create all existing master zones on the slave.

Managing multiple BINDs won't get any easier than this really. ;)