Rackspace Backups on GPL

Im trying to use Rackspace backups but I just cant get it to work and I cant find any documentation that helps. I have a US account of Rackspace cloud files and Im sure my username and API key are correct. I have put the container name into the config with no leading or trailing slashes.

But when I run the backup it fails to upload to rackspace. I get no detailed error messages and no clues as to what is wrong. Ive been tinkering with it for 2 weeks now and Im totally stuck. Most likely Im doing something wrong but I cant work out what it could be.

Are there any detailed log files for the backup process that may give me some clues?



Could you post the output that you do get from Virtualmin when trying to do a backup to a rackspace cloud files container?

I did note than when I set up my Rackspace backup I could not get it working via the Servicenet (Internal network) and so I had to set "Use internal Rackspace network servers?" to No in Virtualmin Configuration > Backup and Restore.

This is the output I get

Starting backup of 1 domains to test in Rackspace container mebbin ..

Creating backup for virtual server abr.org.au .. Copying virtual server configuration .. .. done Saving mail aliases .. .. done

Saving mail and FTP users .. .. done

Backing up mail and FTP user Cron jobs .. .. none to backup

Copying Apache aliases .. .. done

Creating TAR file of home directory .. .. done

Uploading archive to Rackspace's Cloud Files service .. .. done

.. completed in 6 seconds 1 servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors. Backup is complete. Final size was 1.52 kB.

Which looks like all is well, but when I login to Rackspace there is absolutely nothing there. No backup files at all and the Container is empty.

So I cant find any way to diagnose the issue as there is no error message.

Also for the record "use internal Rackspace network servers" is set to no.

Hi Tom, My setting in "Edit Scheduled Backup" are to upload to the container with "Do strftime-style time substitutions on file or directory name" set to on and the "Container and path" to be "container_name/%y/%m/%d".

Another way to test the Rackspace support in Virtualmin is to SSH in as root and use the command :

virtualmin list-rs-containers

You can see all the available Rackspace API commands with :

virtualmin help | grep rs-

and get help on the command line flags for one with :

virtualmin help list-rs-containers

I'd be interested if you can use these commands to view and upload your Rackspace files.