SPAM Filtering

Is there any way to filter spams coming to my Email servers, Right now I disabled the feature SPAM Module and Virus Filtering Module,I want to use a seperate server only for filtering Spam with some free softwares. Is there any Free softwares for which it can be used as Email Gateway softwares for filtering spam and viruses



One possible solution that comes to mind right away would be making use of the existing client-server structure that SpamAssassin and ClamAV have, and install the server parts (which do the actual workload of scanning) on your separate machine, and use the client only on your Virtualmin box.

On the client end, you can configure the server address under "Email Messages / Spam and Virus scanning". On your scanning server you'd then need to manually install SpamAssassin and ClamAV in server mode. Unfortunately I can't give explicit instructions for how to do that, since I never did that myself, but I'm certain there's documentation for that on the internet.

This solution, if your aim is merely spam and virus scanning, would involve much less hassle than operating an actual email gateway, and would enable you to still use things like Greylisting and target address validation on the server that holds the actual user accounts.