Fail over server support

Fail Over Support Required

Currently i have one primary and one secondary In which primary is facing internet and the secondory is only a backup server. If some thing happen to primary I will chanage the IP of secondary server and put the primary IP Address and make it Live. I want to make everything automated inside the backup server. Now a days what I do is just restore each domain using the backups. I want this to be happen automated. How can i achieve this.

If suppose I use some scripts to synchronize the folders can I acheive it. If so what all the folders i have to synchronize.

And what synchronize command I have to use.

Thanks in Advance



Howdy -- performing failover and synchronization are each very complex topics -- the only Virtualmin-supported way of performing failover and data synchronization is when using Cloudmin... we provided some links to how to set that up using Cloudmin in one of your previous requests. But that does require a Cloudmin Pro license, it's not possible to do that using Cloudmin GPL.

It is possible to achieve failover and synchronization outside of Cloudmin, and there are numerous ways to do that -- but you'd have to set it up manually, and we aren't able to provide support for that setup.

You may need to work with a sysadmin who has experience with such a setup. You're also welcome to ask in the Virtualmin forums, as folks in there have setups similar to what you're describing.

Here's some thoughts to get you started though --

The easiest way to get your Virtual Servers onto a second server is to generate a set of Virtualmin backups, have those copied to your remote server, and then restore them.

Using Virtualmin, you can generate backups on a schedule, and even have them copied to your backup server. That can all be configured in Backup and Restore -> Scheduled Backups.

You would then just need to restore all those backups. You can write a script to do that, so that it can be accomplished from the command line.

You can also use the Virtualmin command line tools to help. To see the available options, you can run this command:

virtualmin restore-domain

If you have all your backups in one directory, then you can tell it to use a directory as the source to restore from, rather than one specific file.

Once you have a script that does what you want -- if you want to run that script on a schedule, then you can use cron. You can create a scheduled cron job by going into Webmin -> System -> Scheduled Cron Jobs