Duplicated Virtual Server


After cloning a virtual server I ended up with two servers with the same settings, i.e., Domain Name, Administration username, Administration group, Home Directory, etc.

The only difference between the two is the quota settings.

Unfortunately this happened a while ago, and I can't really remember the steps I made...

The menu links for each virtual server have different parentIds.

Is there a way to safely get rid of one of the servers?

Thanks in advance




When looking in /etc/passwd, do you actually see two of the same username?

I'm trying to figure out whether you actually have a duplicated set of config entries -- or whether we just need to get rid of the reference to one of the domain names in Virtualmin.

Hi Eric,

There's only one entry in /etc/passwd

Thank you! pcruz

Well, to actually figure out how that all happened, we'd need to re-trace the steps you had used to create that domain.

However, if you don't recall that -- what we can at least do is work with you to resolve the symptoms you're seeing.

If you log into your server over SSH as root, and you 'cd' into /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains/, what output do you receive if you grep all those files for your domain name?

You can determine that by running the command "grep example.com *".

Hi Eric, unfortunately I don't recall the steps I've taken.

I do remember that I was really tired and it was a messy process.

I started by cloning an existing domain domain1.com and changing it to domain2.com, but afterwards there were some problems with the svn repository... After that I think I may have messed up a bit.

Anyway, grep says:

13710570575998:dom=domain-in-question.com 13714276527384:dom=domain-in-question.com

Thank you!

Okay, that's good... it's showing a total of two files -- those files are how Virtualmin knows a domain should be displayed within the user interface.

It sounds like your goal at the moment is just to remove one of the two duplicated entries... is that correct?

The key would be to review both of those files, and see if it stands out to you which one you'd like to remove.

To remove one, all you'd have to do is run "rm FILENAME", then restart Webmin with the command "/etc/init.d/webmin restart".

If you'd like to be able to undo that, then rather than deleting the file, you could instead just move it into another directory, such as /tmp.

Problem solved! Thank you very much :-)