Setting up a redundant server

I want to set up another server to use as a back up, or redundant and also have my 2nd NS on the new server.

Do I have to install Virtualmin on the new server too, or will the original server transfer the files needed?

Can't fine anything about it, other than creating a sub server. Hope you can help.




Howdy -- if you'd like to have a backup/redundant server, you would need to configure it just like you configured your primary server, and then develop a way to keep it up to date. There isn't an automated way of setting up a backup server.

A common way to do that is to generate backups each night on your primary server, copying them to the backup each night, then importing the backups into the Virtualmin instance running on that backup server.

Regarding how to use the backup server as a slave DNS server -- there are instructions on setting that up here:

Hi andrreychek; Thanks for the quick reply, I guess that a Redundant server is not what I thought it was. I have to set up another server to use for my 2nd NDS Server., and also have 2 ip addresses on it to set up at least 2 more Virtual Servers. I know if I install Virtualmin on it, I would have to pay for another license. So is there a way to do this with the one Vertualmin server, and be able to connect to both server with one log in?



Well, can you clarify what you'd like to use this redundant server for?

What all would it be doing?

Basically I want to have a different server so I can split my NS apart so I would have ns1 on one server, and ns2 on the other. I have 5 static IP's, one I use for my home system, the other 4 I have for my websites I want to have 1 shared IP on both server, and 1 private IP on both server.

Eventuality I would like to set up a DHCP server on one of them, and have my 5 IP go to one of the server, and then I can use the DHCP Server for my office computers, and what not. I don't want to have to buy another license, as I'm not sure if I can afford 2 of them, not even sure If I can afford the one I have.

Anyway I want to be able to control both servers with the one License, and one login if that is possible. My existing server already makes backups of all my website every night now, and stores them on a backup drive.

I don't know if this is even possible, plus I'm not sure if I can have a DHCP server set up on one of them or not, because it is just a Virtualmin Pro License. Looking through the documentation, it only show the DHCPD on a Cloudmin system. Anyway That's my thought. You can tell me if it's possible. Thanks!


Well, there's some complicated setups along the lines of what you're describing, most of which involve the purchase of another Virtualmin license, along with a Cloudmin license.

It sounds like you're hoping to avoid that though.

If your main interest is in trying to distribute DNS across two servers, what you could always do is setup Webmin on a secondary server (which is free), and then configure that secondary server to act as a slave DNS server.

You could then keep all your email and websites on your primary server, but your secondary server would act as a second DNS server.

The only way to be able to control both systems from one server is by purchasing a Cloudmin license though.

It shouldn't be a problem to use one of the servers for DHCP though -- DHCP can be installed on any system, it doesn't require Virtualmin Pro. And Webmin comes with a module that should aid you in configuring it.

I take it the Cloudmin is to control both servers? I didn't see Cloudmin listed in the store, what does a license sell for?

Cloudmin licenses are in the store... you can see the prices by clicking the Shop link above, then clicking the "Cloudmin" link.

There's a 45 day money back guarantee on all the products in the shop.

The Cloudmin for Physical Systems license should be able to help, and costs $79 for the first year, and $48 for each additional year.

Since you only have two systems though -- if all you need is DNS redundancy, you can install Webmin on your second system, and setup a slave DNS system for free using these instructions: