Can not create new virtual servers, DNS error

When i create new virtual server, virtualmin fails with this error :

Adding new DNS zone .. .. BIND DNS domain failed! : DNS view internal was not found at ../ line 1376.

The virtual server it's create but DNS not and logically not workings good




Did you configure Virtualmin to add new DNS zones to the view named internal ?

I not remember make that, how can i make this ???

It would be set at System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default settings -> BIND DNS Domain -> Create new domains in view.

Thankyou Jamie but i don't view you tell me these are the options i have:

Virtual server template details (BIND DNS domain)
BIND DNS records for new domains

Add above to automatically generated records Use only the records above
Address records for new domains
Domain name www.domain ftp.domain localhost.domain m.domain
Default TTL for DNS records Use BIND module setting None Custom TTL
Additional manually configured nameservers
Add nameserver record for this system
Add sub-domain DNS records to parent domain? No Yes
Master DNS server hostname Automatic (from system's hostname)
Add SPF DNS record? No Yes, with server's IP address
Additional SPF IPs and hostnames
Additional SPF included domains
Does SPF record cover all senders? No Yes Yes, and deny other senders
Additional named.conf directives for new zones None Directives below ..
Automatically add named.conf directives also-notify allow-transfer
Create DNSSEC key and sign new domains? No Yes
DNSSEC cryptographic algorithm
Number of DNSSEC keys Zone key and key-signing key Zone key only

Does the /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config file on your system have a dns_view= line? If so, you should probably just remove it.