Virtualmin Install via Cloudmin=Vmin plugin yum problems

Using Cloudmin for physical servers, I added a new VPS that had SSH only on it.

I used the install virtualmin pro routine from the cloudmin server, entering my license info.

Cloudmin installed virtualmin pro fine, BUT when I went to the virtuamin server and tried to install plugins like wbm_virtualmin_git, yum was unable to find those plugins for install from the command line.

I did not check to see if a virtualmin.repo file had been created, or how it was different from the script.

Using the install script from my account, yum has no problem finding those plugins.

I have already wiped and reinstalled that vps from command line, so I can't diagnose it using that machine again right now.



The RPM package names are actually like wbm-virtualmin-git , but above you used underscores instead of dashes.