admin (root) accessing awstats

Hi, When i try (as root) to access individual /awstats/ of the Virtual server, i get access denied. is there a way to have one user granted universal access to all awstats of all virtual servers on the box?



Howdy -- by default, only the Virtual Server owner is given access to the website statistics.

There isn't a way to provide one user global access to all statistics.

However, you can grant rights to additional users within a given Virtual Server.

To do that, go into Edit Users -> USERNAME -> Other user permissions, and in there, you can add a user to the awstats directory.

right, but the root user doesn't appear as a user to add under the Virtual Servers.

That's correct -- it's unfortunately not possible to have one central user who can access awstats on all sites.

The only users who can access it are users belonging to that Virtual Server.