Allow option to disable compression in backups


I have a situation where many of the files I serve are already nicely compressed- and there are a lot of them. So, the backup of a virtual server takes something like 5 hours just to gzip the tarball and I get like a 10% reduction in disk usage. Not OK.

I would very much appreciate a feature which lets me select no compression on backups and gives me a normal tarball. Also, I'm not sure where I can chose the compression type in the UI. I see on line 828 of that you can change between gzip, bzip, and zip.

I can't figure out where $config{'compression'} or $config{'zip_args'}" are set in the user interface though. Please tell me.

It seems like adding something like

elsif ($config{'compression'} == 4) { $destfile = "$d->{'dom'}.tar"; }

after line 842 should do the trick. Is it more complex than this?



Sorry, that's line 842 of /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/

Howdy -- that's already an option :-)

You can select No Compression / Tar Only by going into System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Backup and Restore, and in there, you can set "Backup compression format".

Thanks much! Simple indeed!