System Logs NG

I have installed System Logs NG plugin and would like to know the advantages of it and how I could use it? Could you please help me with that?

Respectively, Ilia



Howdy -- CentOS 6 comes with rsyslog by default. Where possible, we highly recommend using the default. RedHat/CentOS chose that particular package for it's stability and featureset, are there can be a variety of challenges to moving to a different syslog daemon on an existing system.

However, sometimes folks have a personal preference of one service over another, or require a feature provided by one, and in those situations that syslog-ng plugin can help.

I haven't used syslog-ng recently, but here's a blog post that includes some links to comparisons of rsyslog and syslog-ng, and includes some information on the differences:

However, we highly recommend continuing to use rsyslog, there's rarely a need to change :-)

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Submitted by Ilia on Tue, 03/12/2013 - 12:41

Oh. ok! Just removed it!