Websites doesn't show up on Google

We're a company that uses the service Virtualmin to host websites. But we have a problem, a large amount of the websites doesn't appear in Google. Not even when using for example "site:" to find them. However, this doesn't affect all websites, only a few.

Could it have to do with any setting in Virtualmin? Anyone else that have experiance this problem and know a solution?

Best Regards Stefan Rapp Complete Solutions Sweden AB



Howdy -- I'm sorry to hear that some of your sites aren't showing up in Google.

Nothing in Virtualmin should be preventing that though. All Virtualmin does is configure Apache to serve your websites, it doesn't interfere with connections that are made to your sites.

One thing you could try though is to submit your site to Google. You can do that by going here, and telling them your URL:

Also, you'd want to verify that there isn't a .htaccess file in your site that restricts the pages that Robots can visit, which would prevent Google from accessing your site.