roundcube at toplevel, cant connect

Ive installed roundcube via the installer script at the toplevel of a subdomain, but when i go to the subdomain it says page not found. i have only enabled Apache and SQL option on this subdomain, did i miss something?




Howdy -- you may want to review your Apache error logs in $HOME/logs/error_log to look for any errors showing up in there.

You can also review the access log in $HOME/logs/access_log to make sure that site is really being seen.

If there are files in the public_html folder for this domain, but you're getting a page not found error, you may be seeing an issue with it displaying the wrong website. There's documentation on troubleshooting that here in the section "the wrong website shows up":

You could verify that's the case by creating a "test.php" file in your public_html folder, and putting this in it:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Are you able to access that test.php script? If not, you don't seem to be seeing the correct DocumentRoot, and that above documentation should be able to help out.

That's not actually a bug you're seeing though... if the above steps don't help, and you're using Virtualmin GPL, open up a new forum thread, and in there, describe the issue you're seeing, and include any errors you're seeing in the error log -- as well as whether you're able to access that test.php script.

The support area here is for Virtualmin Pro users, but we do monitor the forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!

THanks for the reply! im sorry, i did not realize this was the pro forum. yes, ive had great experience in the past with the forum on the GPL side, and happily suggest this or the pro version to anyone needing an admin solution :)

so, i wanted to post back here because i find this issue very strange, and i think it might simply be a 'namespace' issue.

so i created, and first weird thing was instead of creating a "mail" dir in the home it made "" in the home dir as the user.

and then the logs were empty and the test didn’t work.

ive just now gone through it again and left all the defaults enabled and created "" and all works normally.

i hope that help someone to figure something out ;) simply must be a case where "mail" is not really allowed or to many conflicts.

thanks again for the fast reply!


Virtualmin would use the full domain name as the username anytime it detects a username clash.

In the example of "" -- most systems already have a system user named "mail". Virtualmin didn't want to overwrite that, and instead created a user and homedir with that full name.

I wasn't able to reproduce any problems with using that as a domain name though -- I was able to create a domain named "", and the website worked, and both the access and error logs were showing new log entries.