Restore failed!

CentOS 6.3 / Virtualmin Pro

Due to a failing hardrive, I am migrating to a replacement server. I am getting the following error:

[root@secure]# virtualmin restore-domain --source /backup/oldServer --all-domains --all-features Checking for missing features .. .. all features in backup are supported

Starting restore.. Extracting backup archive files .. .. extraction of /backup/oldServer/ failed : gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated /bin/tar: Unexpected EOF in archive /bin/tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Backup does not contain virtual server information for missing domain

Restore failed!

Please advise, Brian



Howdy -- it sounds like your backup archive is corrupted. If you think the drive was failing, it's possible that caused a problem when generating the backup.

Do you by chance have an older backup file for that particular Virtual Server?

I do have an older backup, but won't be as up to date. What would the command be to restore all, but exclude any that report errors?

The "restore-domain" option accepts both the --skip-warnings and --continue-on-error options.

You could pass both of those in, to make sure it continues no matter what.

Would that give me a list of the skipped restores?

Is there a command to skip specific virtual domains?

It wouldn't give you a list, you'd need to review the output to determine which domains had problems.

You could use a command like this to capture all the output:

virtualmin restore-domain --source /backup/oldServer --all-domains --all-features --skip-warnings --continue-on-error 2>&1 > /tmp/restore_log.txt

That will place all the warning and error output in the file "/tmp/restore_log.txt".

There isn't a way to skip a domain when pointing the restore at a directory -- other than to remove that domain's backup archive from that directory.

The only other way would be to specify on the command line which domains to include in the restore. But that method seems cumbersome for restoring all but a few domains.

Here's the idea I came up with. The failing server is still up and running - I made fresh backups of the two virtual domains identified in the restore error. Transferred them to the new server and the restore is now successfully running. There are a couple hundred accounts, so we'll see how this goes, but so far - so good.

The restore has completed. Looks like it was only a couple bad virtual server backups that were causing the problem.

I am experiencing similar problems with an attempt to restore from backups. The old server experienced a catastrophic failure a couple of days ago. We set up a new server with Centos 6.3 and installed Virtualmin. I tried re-creating virtual servers before I realized that Virtualmin had the restore function. We have tried restoring a couple of times and it failed.

Should we try a fresh install of Virtualmin and then try to restore?

There are major gaps in my knowledge. I know that DNS/BIND isn't working but have no clue how to correct it. If we get the restore function to work, will DNS/BIND be fixed?

I can give you access to the output if you contact me privately (

Stella Pool Monticello Avenue Community Network Charlottesville, VA

Hi spool -- can you open up a new Support Request, mark it as private, and in there include the output you are seeing? Thanks!


Did you see my support request? Is there a phone number I can call to reach you?