Server owner mailaddress + e-mail templates


How can we set the default Contact email of a server to be set to our own e-mailaddress like "" upon server creation? I can't find it somewhere. What we want to accomplish is that only certain customers receive "over quota e-mail" and other system mail messages. So what I thought is that we set the default contact mail address to our own mail address and only for the customers we want to give system messages, we can set the contact address to the administrator address of the virtual server. What does Virtualmin use as mail address when mailing the server owner? Is that the contact mail address?

Last question: I want to customize all e-mails send from virtualmin so it matches the company style. That means I want to send HTML-mails. I don't know if that is possible? If not, I guess I will let Virtualmin to a mailbox of ourselves and let a script parse the mail and resent the mail in the company style.

The most important messages I want to send are: - E-mail with server details upon server creation/change - Over quota e-mail - E-mail upon creating new users/mailboxes

  • Joshua.


Howdy -- the contact address used by the quota warning script is whatever the contact address is set to for that Virtual Server. By default, that is the email address of the Virtual Server owner.

It's possible to change that while creating the Virtual Server, by going into Advanced Options -> Contact email address on the Create Virtual Server screen.

Or after the VIrtual Server is created, you can change that in Edit Virtual Server -> Configurable Settings -> Contact email.

Also, in Limits and Validation -> Disk Quota Monitoring, you can tweak which groups of users receive that message (ie, whether or not it's sent to Virtual Server owners).

To my knowledge, it's not possible to send emails formatted using HTML... though Jamie will chime in if there's a way to do that which I don't know about :-)


Thanks for your answer.

Is it possible to set the owner mail address per default? Otherwise you have to change it every time you create a virtual server.

Sometimes in Virtualmin you have the option to notify the server administrator. Will Virtualmin use the server administrator or the contact mail address if that is set?

You can't change the default, but it should default to the mailbox of the owner of the newly created domain (or the parent domain, for sub-servers).