Installing Centos - should I choose minimal install option?

My hosting company is setting up a new dedicated server for me with Centos 6. The server will be used as a webserver and so I will installing Virtualmin using the install script.

Which install option should I request? Is a minimal install the best option, and if so does the Virtualmin install script add packages that are needed?



Howdy -- in most cases, we recommend running the script with no parameters at all.

The default provides the setup we'd recommend... and also happens to be the best tested :-)

We'd only suggest using the "minimal" option in certain low-memory situations. Since you have a dedicated server though, you'd have plenty of RAM, so there wouldn't be any need to use the minimal option.

Thanks for the reply. However, I think I wasn't clear enough with my question!

I was referring to the Centos 6 install, rather than the Virtualmin install. Centos 6 give options of minimal, basic, web server, database server, desktop etc etc. Is the Centos 6 Minimal Install the best starting point to install Virtualmin?



A minimal CentOS install is fine - Virtualmin's own install script will bring in all the other dependencies needed.