virtualmin dkim not installing

i got following error while installing DKIM in virtualmin on my centos server i am using postfix:- Enable DomainKeys Identified Mail

Finding virtual servers to enable DKIM for .. .. found 1 servers

Generating private key in file /etc/dkim.key .. .. done

Extracting public key from private key in /etc/dkim.key .. .. done

Setting domain and selector in DKIM filter configuration .. .. done

Adding DKIM records to DNS domain .. .. added successfully

Enabling DKIM filter at boot time .. .. done

Starting DKIM filter .. .. start failed : initctl: Unknown job: dkim-milter

DKIM setup failed!

Re-starting DNS server .. .. done

any help will be great



This can happen on systems with a mix of bootup system types, like init.d and upstart.

The fix is to SSH in and run /etc/init.d/dkim-milter start

A proper fix will be in the next Webmin release.

I've noticed this error on alot more things like greylisting and every time i run the Dkim wizzard i get that error. Is there no fix for this yet ?