pointing domain to sub folder

I tried to find the answer, sorry for the noob question I'm very inexperienced with web hosting. I created a domain name, and I created my virtual server with no issues at all. So, I used the installer scripts to install joomla. So if you want to see Joomla's site you need to go to www.domain.com/joomla

How do I set it so that people can just to go www.domain.com and the server points them to joomla automatically. I guess it would be a default folder. Thank you in advance,




Howdy -- the Install Scripts default to installing into a subdirectory, such as /joomla/.

So if you'd like Joomla to show up as the default website, the simplest way to do that would be just placing the installation in the root directory. You could do that by going into Install Scripts, selecting Joomla, and then where it says "Install sub-directory under public_html", select the "At top level" option.

Would that do what you're after?

An alternative would be to create an Apache redirect from / to /joomla, if there are pressing reasons not to install Joomla at the root level.

Ok Ill do taht then, I just thought is was bad to do that for some reason. I'll reinstall it.

thank you for the tips. Its appreciated.