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Good morning I am the owner of a license pro, I changed my server, but when I reinstall virtual min on the new server, virtualmin tells me error I have installed 4 times the license! But if you only use it on a server licensed as ever still sees the other tests that were carried out, in fact the other servers are off. please explain to me how I can fix or how to do




Howdy -- the license manager does remember the other servers that it saw your license on, but only for a few days.

The Master Admin user (ie, root) is the only one who can see that message. And that will go away later this week since you've turned off those other servers.

My suggestion would be to wait a few days, as those other IP's will clear out automatically.

However, later this week, if you're still seeing that message -- feel free to let us know and we can look into it deeper!

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Submitted by devid79 on Tue, 10/02/2012 - 09:59

ok thanks I will keep you informed of the problem.. :)