purchase trouble

Hi! I have just bought Virtualmin 100 renewal, but I didnt saw it in my licenses page. Where is my order?



Howdy -- thanks for your renewal! We're looking into an issue with your license, and we'll get back with you shortly.

thanks a lot. i am waiting for an answer.

What serial number is your server using? You can determine that by running this command:

virtualmin licence-info


Serial number: 5557751

Okay, super, thanks!

The trouble we're seeing is that there's a large number of IP addresses that are listed as using that particular license.

Can you confirm which IP addresses are yours, which should be legitimately running Virtualmin?

We're concerned that someone may have managed to get ahold of your license number and install it elsewhere.

What we can do is block the IP addresses that aren't yours.


Well, the main IP address is But if I understood correctly, when I bought 100 Licenses renewal, I could use it at 100 servers? If not, could u please make a moneyback and explain me, what kind of package should I buy to use that serial key at 50 or 100 machines?

We can certainly refund your money if you like!

The Virtualmin 100 license is a license for one server -- and on that one server, you can run 100 domains.

To have Virtualmin on multiple servers -- you'd want to purchase a copy of Virtualmin for each server.

Which license to purchase on each server depends on how many domains you will be hosting. If you are only hosting 10 domains on each server, you could purchase the Virtualmin 10 for each system.

If that's not what you wanted, let us know and we will refund your money.

yes, could you please make a refund. Looks like I should buy another copies of virtualmin for each my server, because I have unlimited domains in my license now.

Sure, I have refunded your order