Slave DNS Servers not Updating after migration

Hi Guys,

If I migrate a virtual server from 1 virtualmin node to another (via Cloudmin), the Cluster Slave Server zones never get updated.

What I would expect is that the transferred/disabled zone would get renamed or purged on the cluster slaves during the initial part of the migration and then a new zone would be created on the Cluster Slaves by the Virtualmin node that the virtual server was transferred to.



Closed (fixed)


Hi Guys,

I was googling a bit on setting up cluster slaves for bind just to be sure I have it setup correctly and came across the "Enabling Cluster Slave Servers" :

It mentions :

Set the Create secondary on slave when creating locally? option to Yes.

My Cluster Slaves do not currently have that option set, slave replication of new virtual servers zones is working great, so what does this option indicate.


Yes, the slave zone should be deleted and then re-created when moving a domain.

Did you select to have the domain deleted during the move?

Hi Jamie,

No I did not choose to delete it. Will that do the trick?


Yes, that is needed so that the domain gets cleaned up on the slave. Actually, just disabling it on the source system as part of the move process should also do the trick.

Ok thx Jaime, I will give that a whirl. (I have never had luck through the Disable option)

Just FYI - I think I uncovered a pretty nasty bug through playing with Cloudmin Transfers. I documented it in detail in my more recent Support Request that Eric responded to.

Hope you have a great evening,


Just a follow up, I updated my Cluster Slave Servers "Create Secondaries?" to Yes. Now things are working as expected with transferring Virtual Servers between Virtualmin Hosts through Cloudmin!

I have even verified this works when disabling on the original host.

Please mark this as fixed.