fully qualified domain name

I am getting this warning every httpd restart:

Starting httpd: httpd.worker: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using sunucu.firmasite.com for ServerName

There were no problem in centos 5.6.. I switched to centos 6.2 last month and getting this warning always.. How can i fix it?



That's not really a problem ... but it can be fixed by setting your system's hostname to a fully qualified name.

What does the hostname command output on your system, and what domain should it be under?

[root@sunucu ~]# hostname

That looks OK to me..

The simplest fix is to login to Virtualmin, click on the Webmin link in the top left, then go to Servers -> Apache Webserver -> Default server -> Networking and Addresses , and in the Server hostname field enter sunucu.firmasite.com