wbm-server-manager-6.2-1.noarch hangs during install on Centos 6.2 x64

We have bought the Cloudmin for Physical Systems Annual License and trying to install this on a clean CentOS 6.2 x64 system. However, the install keeps waiting on "wbm-server-manager-6.2-1.noarch". It copies and install the files, but then it just stopped, and is waiting for something. I think it has something to do with the post-install script.



Could you attach the output from the command ps axuwwww run as root while the hang is happening? That will show us what it is waiting on ..

Sure, file attached.

It looks like it may be stuck on the "yum check-update" for some reason.

You may want to try killing off those processes, which should allow that to continue. And then once it's complete, we can try manually running the "check-update" to see if it's having a problem completing.

So first try this:

kill 2273
kill 2246

And then afterwards, verify that the "yum check-update" are indeed gone.

At that point, the installation should continue.

Once the installation is completed -- are you able to run "yum check-update"? If it works correctly, it should output a series of programs that have available updates.

Having the same issue here with CentOS 6.2.

I had to kill TWO processes "/usr/bin/python /usr/bin/yum check-update" for wbm-server-manager and then it finishes. Both are also listed in earlier text file with pid 2247 and 2274.

A manual "yum check-update" does not hang and gives no warnings.

The same thing happens with a Centos 5.8 install! There were two yum check-updates running. I killed them, but it did not finish. Still was hung. I ended up killing a /usr/libexec/webmin/run-postinstalls.pl, and that made it finish.

For anyone who is seeing this hang - do you also see any other yum processes running at the same time as yum check-update