/home on NFS share

Hi there, it is possible to handle /home directory mounted as a remote NFS share?

I have tried this: -On the same LAN i have setup 2 ubuntu 10 servers, server 1 with virtualmin and server 2 only to act as storage so export NFS shares; -Exported from server2 to server1 as NFS V4 share (no_root_squash,rw) local directory /export/home mounted under /home on server1 (chmod 777)

I am able to read/write manually but from virtualmin (setup to act with SuEXEC and mod_fcgid) i get an UID/GID permission error every time i attempt to create new domain or restore an existing one from archive. It is a way i can setup both NFS V4 server and virtualmin server to work correctly in this scenario? maybe a stept by step guide? Thank you all in advance



Yes, it is possible to have /home mounted via NFS. However, there are two catches :

  1. You can't enabled root_squash on the server, or else Virtualmin on the client won't be able to create home directories, as it is done with root permissions.

  2. Quotas almost certainly won't work, as they can't be modifed from an NFS client to the server.

Thank you, So not enabling no_root_squash on the NFS server means not specify at all this option? In this case virtualmin would try to do a chown user:user on the /home/domain and would not fail? Thank's!

I think you need to have no_root_squash set on the server, or else root on the client system won't be able to create directories.