forwarding email to php script

On cPanel, there is an option to send email to a script instead of an email address. Is this possible with virtualmin? In the specific email account, I tried to set up a forward to "|/path/to/script.php" but it won't allow that as it isn't a valid email address. Is there any way around that or a way to accomplish this functionality within VM?

Thanks, Steve



Howdy -- if you go into Edit Mail Aliases, and create a new alias, click on the "Advanced Mode" option at the top.

From there, you can select the "Feed to program" option, which will allow you to pipe your email to a file.

When I enter "|/home/account_name/public_html/forward.php" without the quotes I get the following error: Failed to save alias : '' is not a valid program or does not exist

I entered a description

Left "mailbox" ticked and entered the name of the email account there

Selected "Feed to Program" and entered the above as the command.

Any ideas on that? Thanks, Steve

The pipe is actually implied, try entering just the program path: