DNS Slave Zone Not Replicated to Subsequent DNS Slave Servers

Hi guys,

I have been working with the DNS Cluster setup in BIND and am having a rough time getting slave zones to distribute in the cluster when creating a Virtual Server via Virtualmin.

My test setup Name Servers (webmin 1.580) : Node1 and Node2 (Node2 is a slave of Node1 in BIND Cluster Slave Server settings) Virtualmin Server (3.90) : Node3 (Node1 is a slave of Node3 in BIND)

When I create a domain in Virtualmin on Node 3, I am expecting that the slave zone subsequently created on Node1 will also be created on Node2. But this doesn't seem to occur.

When I setup Node2 as a slave of Node1 I chose the option "Create secondary on slave when creating locally". I see that when I manually setup a slave zone on node1, there is a default option (yes) to create a slave zone on the slave server (node2). So my question is, shouldn't that be the default behavior for slave zone creation initiated through the Virtualmin domain creation process?

Am I trying something that is not the norm for the Name Server Cluster?

What I have done successfully with Virtualmin creating zones on multiple slave name servers is to setup each of my name servers as slaves in Bind on the virtualmin node. I can live with that if that is how this should be setup. I was just hoping for simpler setup by only having to slave to node1 from all subsequent virtualmin nodes and have all of Node1 slave zones propagate on node2, node3 etc.

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Closed (fixed)


Slave zone creations don't propagate between multiple nodes unfortunately - so you can't have a master system with a slave which in turn has another slave.

Instead, you need to connect all slaves to a single master.

Thx for confirming that Jamie.

Hope you have a great day, please mark this as fixed.