Batch email user creation by batch file

Good Morning Guys

I was trying to sort out couple issue with my server from cpanel to virtualmin

i did have issue with backup file from cpanel. i did not got any suport from my other hosting company to resolve the back up issue so here is what i did

i restore the website from public_html restored the the my sql

website is now up and running

email is now issue

i have 250+ user to add to virtualmin which might suck to add those info to virtual min

i saw in the help file from virtualmin i can create batch file


question 1> it is possible to add those fields in same order in excel and import the files as csv

i was thinking creating file in excel will be wasy then i can save as csv file

when i read the instruction it says text file

like to to know if there is any easy way to create file.

  1. question what we should add in the batch file when we do not like to add any option

for example


username:Paul :mypassword:0:1:25000:[extras]

now user name =username

real name is =Paul

passowrd=mypassword ftp access= no email access=1< email is enabled == which is primary email is enabled email qouta=250mg extra = what we should enter when we do not have the other email from the same virtualmin forward email = mysql access=roundcube

Please let me know how i can deal with extra option

  1. > i have installed the roundcube on the server

can user access both usermin and roundcube at the same time

do i have to make any changes to setting

is there will be space issue haveing two webmail issue

my goal is every user

can access email by

outlook or other outlook like clients email access by mobile devices email access by usermin email access by roundcube

Please advice

thanks Jamie and Joe team

Happy New year

Thanks Paul



  1. You can create the data in excel, but you have to export it as a text file in the format Virtualmin expects .. which is separated by : characters, not tabs. Virtualmin can't import a .xls file or CSV directly.

  2. If you want a field to be the default, just leave it empty. Like bob::secret This will create a user named bob with password secret, and no real name set.

  3. Running multiple mail clients is just fine..

Thanks for the information

Now i have one question

exporting data from excel to text file is possible separated by :

if yes let me know then i can do it



I'm not exactly sure how you'd do this in excel, sorry..