Dovecot won't start

I just restarted my server and Dovecot won't start anymore. There are no error messages in the log files. When I try to start from Virtualmin, nothing happens. When I use "/etc/init.d/dovecot start" nothing happens.

Any ideas?

I enabled the support login.



It appears to be hung up waiting for "ntp-wait" to respond.

The ntp-wait program waits for the NTP to be synchronized -- since that's just hanging, that may indicate an NTP problem of some sort.

Is there perhaps a problem with your NTP server? Or maybe a new firewall rule that's preventing you from being able to access it?

However, what I did is comment out the "ntp-wait" line at the end of /etc/default/dovecot, and I was then able to start it up.

Thanks for your quick check!

We never had a firewall rule allowing NTP. Strange that it suddenly became an issue. I'll check our firewall config tomorrow. Thanks for pointing out!