webalizer output charset

Hello, i have a problem on my server, local HU with Virtualmin GPL, the webalizer generate statistics for vhosts in hu_HU.UTF-8 but not display corect in hungarian language, wrong charsets. How can I set the webalizer to generate in US. Thanks,



How did you change Webalizer to output with the hu_HU.UTF-8 character set?

I not change the output charset, to default genarate Webalizer in hu_HU.UTF-8 , this is the default server charset.

So Webalizer is outputting in Hungarian, but with the wrong charset?

Could you attach the file public_html/stats/index.html from under the domain's home directory to this bug report?

I attach the index.html from one vhost, but first I zipped and change the extensio to txt, because I can not upload directly in html. For example Webalizer export from the base server apache log (not vhost) file corectly in LANG: C, just from vhost export in hu_Hu.UTF-8 charset. BR.

Thanks for that file - however, it doesn't actually contain any information that Virtualmin could use to work out the character set or language that it is in :-( So Virtualmin cannot set the correct Hungarian character set header..

Yes, unfortunately, does not display correctly in hungarian caracters, but do not know if I am correct viewing UTF-8. I attach how to display in the riport. Thanks

I descopered the issue appair just when generate webalizer report from cron!

I suppose one possible "fix" would be for Virtualmin to force the report to be always generated in English .. at least that way we would know what the correct character set is.