Include backup date in backup file

When using the backup option, the backup look like vm_name.gz. I would like to rename the backup file to include the date i.e. vm_name.[date].gz. After that i would like to use 'Delete old date-based backups?' option, which is in the Backup schedule section.

Closed (fixed)


Howdy -- there isn't a way to do that -- the preferred way of using dates is to change the date for the directory containing the backups.

It's setup so that one day's backups goes into one directory, and another day's backups goes into a different directory. You can use the strftime substitution options on the backup screen in order to add times and dates into the directory name.

Thank you for the help i have managed to backup the VMs to a folder that is created each backup.


Using the ftp option in the folder field /%Y%m%d/