New to ssl!! some help please.


I am new with ssl! I would like to create a ssl subdomain (my ssl provider is like what must I do? Where do you recomand me to read some docs? thanks in advance.




Howdy -- to add an SSL certificate, you can follow the instructions here:

Start by creating "" as a Virtual Server, and then you can begin following those instructions.

If you don't currently have any other SSL certificates on your server, and you want to remain on the same IP address it's on now, you can ignore steps 2-5.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks a lot for you reply and for the link for how to add ssl certificate. How im portant is it to have a different IP for non ssl site and ssl site? Do I really need a private ip for a site with ssl certificate?

You can only have one SSL certificate per IP address.

So it's only important if you already have SSL setup on that IP address for another domain.

If this is the only Virtual Server on your system with SSL, putting SSL on another IP isn't important... that will only come up when you go to add your next SSL certificate.