How to Promote Alias Domain to Primary


I have a client with a primary domain, plus two alias domains.

They will be keeping (domain registration, web site) one of the alias domains and they will allow the domain name registrations of the other two domain names to expire.

Is there a good way to promote the one alias domain to 'primary' status and move the (mail) accounts to it?

Perhaps using ''?





Howdy -- you can do that using the command line tools.

The syntax is:

virtualmin unalias-domain --domain DOMAIN.TLD

Running the above will convert domain.tld into a Sub-Server, with a blank document root... you'd need to then upload a website into the public_html folder for that domain.

Thanks for that.

OK, so I'll have to deal with the web site. No problem.

What happens with mail?



Once you run the "unalias" command on the command line -- it becomes a standalone Virtual Server at that point. So, in addition to being able to upload a website, you could add email accounts to it by going into Edit Mail and FTP Users, and creating your desired accounts.

OK, thanks.

One final question...

If I 'unalias' the two currently-aliased domains, can I then make one of the un-aliased domains an alias of the other?

Or am I just making a mountain out of a mole-hill?



So you'd like to first make a Sub-Server, and then turn it into an alias?

Unfortunately, I don't think you can do that :-)

You'd be better off deleting the Sub-Server (or the alias before it's turned into a Sub-Server), and then re-creating it as an alias of whatever domain you'd like it to be an alias of.