virtualmin parent server creation


We have created a new template that allows parent level domains creation, however the user still can t create new virtual server, it can only create sub servers type although the correct parameters have been set up on the template. Is there anything I can check and look at in order to resolve this issue.


Alexandre Durand



Howdy -- a Virtual Server owner can only create Sub-Servers and Aliases under their own top-level Virtual Server -- they can't create new top-level Virtual Servers.

The only account type able to create new top-level Virtual Servers are resellers.

Ok thank you for you answer.I thought about this option but I was not sure. I succeded to create a reseller accout with whmcs, and it now can create new parent virtual server but the account is now able to select a different default plan/template. How can i limit this user to not selmct any plan/template. I understand that in normal reseller situation this account as "reseller" should be able to select a plan but OUR account should be able to create virtual parent server whitout the option of reselling plans ... Is there a way to combine this 2 options in one unique feature


alexandre durand

When you go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> "Template Name", you'll see an option named "Available to resellers", where you can set which resellers a given template is available to.

Unfortunately, there isn't a similar option for "Plans", you can only set that with Templates.


Ok ... it s a pitty that such feature is not present in your system, people can t have multi sites /domains with owners roles. most web hosting today offer such features, any chance to implement such feature in a near future?


Alexandre Durand