Ioncube OR Zend


I have a script that requires either Ioncube OR Zend be installed.

Not both - one or the other.

Can you advise me on the installation? Which one is easier? Where to install it from?





Howdy -- well, we're not really experts with those... those are both PHP modules for decoding and possibly optimizing PHP apps.

I would recommend asking the author of the software you're planning to use which of those two they recommend. Either can work fine on a system running Virtualmin.

Both Zend and Ioncube would need to be manually installed -- typically, by adding some configuration lines to your php.ini file.

Both Zend and Ioncube would provide installation instructions that explain how to make use of them -- when their instructions say to modify your php.ini file, the one you'd want to edit is located in $HOME/etc/php.ini, if you're using CGI or FCGID.


I have asked and they say it absolutely does not matter which one and refer me to the web host for installation.

The web host is of course me. :o)

From looking at the 2 ioncube loaders seems the easiest to install.

Their instructions state:

** Installing to a remote UNIX/LINUX DEDICATED or VPS server

  1. Upload the contents of this package to /usr/local/ioncube

  2. Copy the loader-wizard.php script to the root web directory of a configured domain on the server

  3. Launch the Loader Wizard script in your browser. For example: http://yourdomain/loader-wizard.php

Does that sound right?

Will try 1st on my test server . ... .


Well, we're unfortunately not experts in installing third party software -- if you have installation questions, you would need to work with the folks who distribute the software -- Zend or Ioncube, in this case.

Or, the community for the PHP app you're trying to get running may have some insight, since they've all had to install Zend or Ioncube as part of the installation process.

On our end -- what we can offer is that anytime the instructions reference a need to edit the php.ini file, if you're using FCGID or CGI for your PHP Execution Mode, you'd need to edit the file in $HOME/etc/php.ini.