Spam Stats Problem

I don't think system statistics >> spam per minute is working properly.

In the mail log I can see about 50 to 100 messages per hour "spamd: identified spam...". On the stats page if I select hour or day I see nothing. If I select week, I do see stats starting Tuesday suddenly and ending Friday suddenly. What could be wrong?



Is spam being logged to the file /var/log/procmail.log on your system? Virtualmin looks like lines that contain Mode:Spam, which are logged by the procmail config that it sets up on installation ..

Ah! Eureka.

Do you recall I raised an issue about the "view email logs" option? ( If a user ran that option it would drag the server down. If they ran it repeatedly the server would die.

You suggested I comment out "LOGFILE=/var/log/procmail.log" in etc/procmailrc, And so I did a while back.

Now this is the interesting thing: Something - and I think it may have been the recent webmin/Usermin update - re-enabled "LOGFILE=/var/log/procmail.log" in etc/procmailrc. 'Cos I noticed the option to ""view email logs" re-appeared inexplicably the other day. And at about the same time I had started to have dreadful problems with the server - but I haven't until now, put two and two together (I've been scratching my head and really worrying about why the server should become so unstable).

Jamie - I have to tell you that this problem with the Perl script for viewing email logs has caused me, and is continuing to cause me VERY severe problems. It is a big, big negative with Virtualmin for me.

I have of course reset procmailrc. But that's not ideal, is it?

If you like I can send you a minor version update to Virtualmin that will allow the mail logs page to be disabled without turning off logging in the procmail config. Just let me know if you are using Virtualmin GPL or pro, and on which Linux distribution.

Yes please Jamie

It's pro on CentOS 5.

Ok, I have emailed you the updated RPM ..