Z-push installed, but doesn't work...


I installed the Z-push via the installer script, but it doesn't work. I created a debug file (as mentioned in http://download.zarafa.com/zarafa/release/docs/z-push_installation_manua...).

There I see this: 10/17/11 22:40:07 [11746] [info@*****.com] Start 10/17/11 22:40:07 [11746] [info@*****.com] Z-Push version: 1.5.2 (551) 10/17/11 22:40:07 [11746] [info@*****.com] Client IP: 62...*** 10/17/11 22:40:07 [11746] [info@*****.com] Client supports version 1.0 10/17/11 22:40:07 [11746] [info@*****.com] ERROR BackendIMAP : PHP-IMAP module not installed!!!!!

Closed (fixed)


It looks like you may be missing a PHP module... try running this command on your server as root:

apt-get install php5-imap

Looks like I need to add the imap PHP module as a dependency for zpush..

Yep, the php-imap is a dependency for z-push.

I now installed it, and it seems to work!

Please do update the install script, because I plan to use this more in the future.

Thanks for the swift response!

The fix will be included in Virtualmin 3.89..

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