Since it is not possible to display passwords if hashing is enabled from 3.88, Virtualmin should add a "password confirmation" field (because of password typos etc).

PS could I ask a quick question here? Is it recommended to disable SELINUX for Virtualmin (permanently not just during the installation)?



I'll pass this password issue to Jamie, that's a good point.

As far as SELinux -- we'd normally suggest leaving that disabled, as it can cause some issues when trying to run shared hosting, as well as when performing administrative tasks from within Virtualmin. That said, it's gotten much better over the years, and it may be possible for that to work with just a little tweaking. If you'd like to try SELinux -- feel free to enable it, and open up a new request with any errors you see. I can look into that and see if it's feasible to get those corrected.

That's a good idea .. although root can change the password of a domain again at any time on the Edit Virtual Server page, so typing a password wrong isn't really that much of a problem.


Regarding SELinux, I can disable it.

Not sure whether it makes sense to report SELinux "problems" for Fedora 15 (which is unsupported) here? But I noticed that most SELinux alerts are caused because of the "non-standard" httpd path "/home" (for example access to ssl certificates denied).

The SELinux issues in Fedora would be similar to what occurs in CentOS. I'm not guaranteeing we can correct it, but I would at least be interested in seeing what issues arise.

Just be sure to open up a new request if you want to go over SELinux support, and you can post the issues you see there :-)

Understand. I will post any SELinux issues in a new topic next week.