Enable SpamAssassin in Debian/Ubuntu by Default

Hi Jamie -- in Debian (and I think Ubuntu), they require you to manually tweak the config before SpamAssassin will actually launch.

I think we ought to enable this by default :-)

In "/etc/default/spamassassin", there are two lines of interest:


Those should both be set to 1, like so:


The first allows the SpamAssassin daemon to start up, the second tells cron to update the SpamAssassin rule files each night.



Hi Eric - Virtualmin actually should set ENABLED=1 in that file when you enable spamd from within the UI already. However, it doesn't set CRON=1, so I'll fix that..

Are you seeing that ENABLED is not set being set on your system? It should happen when you go to Email Messages -> Spam And Virus Scanning -> Enable SpamAssassin Server.

Okay, I see what the problem here is.

The times I didn't see it enabled were when the Virtualmin config was copied in from another system.

I verified that if using the server scanner is chosen during the first time wizard, that it does set SpamAsassassin to load. So when copying the Virtualmin config file around, either the admin would need to manually perform that step, or they'd need to set Virtualmin to run the first time wizard.