ezmlm mailing list support


Is there anyway to make ezmlm/ezmlm-idx support other than mailman? It would be great to have ezmlm/ezmlm-idx work with virtualmin.




Howdy -- sorry, there isn't built-in support for ezmlm in Virtualmin.

However, if installed manually, ezmlm would likely play nice with Virtualmin and Postfix, your users should be able to set that up outside of Virtualmin if they were interested in using that.

well, i installed Virtual manually. qmail+vpopmail and ezmlm-idx on FreeBSD8.2 Do you think it also work?

Yeah, it should be able to work if you were to set it up manually (assuming ezmlm can work with qmail+vpopmail).

That is -- forgetting Virtualmin is there, how would you normally setup ezmlm? That should still work, Virtualmin won't get in the way. However, it also won't do much to help you get that working :-)