Install on a non fresh server

I know it is best to install on a fresh OS install but I have already used webmin to create two virtual hosts. How can I clean the system before installing my new virtualmin pro? I would rather not have to re-install ubuntu from scratch

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You might be able to just run the Virtualmin installer - if you don't see any errors from the config check afterwards, that means it worked ok.

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Submitted by Joe on Sun, 08/28/2011 - 01:25 Pro Licensee

Webmin is not the sort of thing we're trying to avoid when we recommend a "fresh install". It's third party packages, primarily, which cause our installer significant issues. Also, if you're performed a lot of customizations of the services that Virtualmin manages and configures during installation (Apache and Postfix, in particular are very sensitive to having things done differently due to their flexibility).

Webmin being installed from the correct package type for your OS (i.e. a .deb for Ubuntu), and from one of our packages ( or, rather than a third party source), will never cause problems...but other things you've done might. As Jamie says, try it and see...but if things are strange when it's finished, due to other stuff, it could be quite complicated to fix.

Understood. The install went perfectly. Not a single problem or hiccup at all. Thanks, we can close this ticket.

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