Cannot change Master XEN physical host settings : Webmin down message

Hello, I cannot change my Master Cludmin Xen settings.I get this message

Last status Webmin down (Last changed at 25/Aug/2011 23:37) Detailed status error Failed to connect to fastrpc.cgi : Failed to lookup IP address for localhost

We are changing the cloudmin's IP public address. We did that, but had to unistall virtualmin, because of this message, then install virtualmin via yum, and remake cloudmin.repo by looking to your script.

It's installed, it can manage VM's, and the physical server was added with sucess. However, when changing the disks format from file to LVM group X, it says " no virtualmin installed" and we cannot proceed.

please advise.

Regards, Filipe



This is the correct message that cloudmin shows:

"Failed to save Xen host : LVM for disk images cannot be used : Webmin is not installed on the host system"

but we do have virtualmin installed thanks

Check the /etc/hosts file on the remote system, and make sure it has a line like :  localhost


I was trying to dig up, and just found how that hosts became hosts.bak , and hosts file was empty :(

strange.. must have happend when i changed the host name.

Jamie, I wonder if you can help me with my new setup.

We got a hole new IP range. We have two machines VM's on that new IP, i've change the Cloudmin physical IP to that new range now ( after a while :D) and we are setting up a new VM virtualmin server in production so we can change the domains to the new server VM. but i would like to setup a private network on my DC at the ISP. some VM testing servers are already in the new private network (firewall vm, testing php53 vm). Humm, I'm being too messy.

Ok, We have one dual quad core server with 16Gb ram and 1.5T on a DC at the ISP.

That server is the cloudmin server with one public IP, with a production VM with apache, email, mysql, dns, etc... everything on one machine with 3 public ip's (stupid setup, but that's what we build before, when we first got cloudmin).

What I would like to achive:

One internet connection delivered to a Virtual Firewall, that would give me a separation of public IP's to a private LAN. On the firewall, i would put two vNIC's. One with public ip, and one with private IP. I would put also all the IP alias that i want to use, and then portforwarding them to each VM server behind the firewall. One for apache, another for DNS, another for mail, another for Mysql.... and so on.

so, would i need to preserve a public IP for the physical server, so i can manage cloudmin ? If yes, will i be able to manage my VM's via cloudmin, that are setup with the private address?

Could one setup a master slave DNS config and make the slave to reply authoritatively to the outside world, in order to lower the load on the production vm ? ( i was thinking in using the cloudmin master server explained above, as slave dns server for the new production VM to create).

We also have a virtualmin license that we are using for the hosting VM.

All of this to lower the load on the current production server, and to be able to buy a new physical server and place it on the DC so it can be a faillover scenario. Also, because we got recently an attack to our current infrastructure, and i want to change some things like service isolation and so on. So if one Ip get's marked with non authorized activity, we can always provide service in a continuous manner.

I'm not sure I understand your proposed network setup, sorry!

However, Cloudmin works best if the master system has direct access to all IPs on host systems and VMs - if there is some firewall in the way, odd failures are likely.

It does fully support multiple LANs though, so you can have VMs on public, private or both networks.