Can't remove proftpd from status section of sys info page

Virtualmin Pro 3.60, Webmin 1.42, CentOS 5.2

In trying to remove proftpd from the status section of the virtualmin stem information page I have run into a couple issues.

First issue:
On the virtualmin features and plugins page protfpd is unchecked but still appears on the system information page.

Second issue:
On the virtualmin features and plugins page the default checkbox for proftpd is checked.
I uncheck it.
Click save.
The page refreshes to the system information page.
I go back to the features and plugins page the the proftpd default checkbox is still checked.
Something is screwy in features and plugins land :)

To see if this was an issue with a domain still trying to have proftpd functionality and that makng the system not able to disable default or remove from sys info page I did a test of reenabling proftpd on the features and plugins page and then going though every domain's edit virtual server page and confirming that "IP-based virtual FTP enabled?" is unchecked. Then going back to features and plugins and turning proftpd off again. Same issues listed above still persist.



Not sure why this was closed; seems to still be an issue in GPL at least, running on Ubuntu 10.04.

Fuscata - did you the steps the original poster tried?

Sorry only the "First issue" is an issue.

I disabled proftpd from Features and Plugins yet it still shows on the staus page.

That is expected, as even when virtual anonymous FTP sites are disabled, domain owners and some mailbox users can still FTP in.

The only way do hide it would be to un-install proftpd completely.