Edit Virtual Server - Interface Is Hung-up.

With a few domains, "Virtualmin" => "Edit Virtual Server" hangs on loading the features for the domain. The "custom fields" and "Enabled Features" options never load.

I've tried /etc/init.d/webmin restart.

I found an error in the vhost config, it was set to the wrong external "--dns-ip" and was able to use the CLI API to correct it.

I'm going to investigate if SSL is enabled and if there are other ambiguous (in terms of an incorrect IP) settings that I can disable. Nonetheless, the system is hung up and there is a process that is "stuck" in the context of the UI rendering code.

We've run this on VMware ESXi CentOS 5.6 hosts. We've recently had to downgrade this particular box.

Thanks for whatever assistance and/or insight you can offer.



Howdy -- are any errors or warnings displayed in the log files when trying to load the page? You could see those in /var/webmin/miniserv.error.

Also, if you SSH in as root and run the following API command to list all domain details :

virtualmin list-domains --domain whatever.com --multiline

does it complete, or if not what is the last thing it outputs before hanging?

I've tried your suggestions.

Attached screenshots illustrate the issue - the virtualmin list-domains command hangs indefinitely.

The output from miniserv.error is just a notation of my restarts of the app.

Stuck. Please advise.

I always disable direct root ssh and run sudo. I don't mind granting temp access, but I'd rather setup a temp sudo account manually and communicate with you via email.

SSH access as root (via sudo) would be very useful to debug this .. if this is possible, please email me directly at jcameron@virtualmin.com

You should receive an email shortly.

Thank you very much for your support!

Resolved this on my own, but it points to some idiosyncratic issue in the UI/virtualmin code.

When I disabled quota's, the UI behaved as it should.

There must be a bug of some kind in the code in that context.

I'm leaving this open and leaving your access enabled so that you can test this issue. Please inform me ASAP when your access to our systems is no longer necessary.

Thank you again for your suggestions and insights, Jeremy Ciaramella

Interesting .. I can't see how quotas being enabled would break VIrtualmin, unless quotas were somehow active for root.

I just tried re-enabling quotas on web01 and then listing that domain, and it worked fine. Are you still seeing the hang?

Not seeing the hang, but it is more sluggish than I recall.

I did reboot the box. Maybe a Heisenbug. I changed templates - so the quota was not breached.

I'll change it back and post here what I find.

Thanks Jeremy

Same thing you found, the quota's on/off have no noticeable affect.

Still, sluggish at the same point it used to "stick" (Quota's and limits) - but after hanging there for a few seconds it "snaps" and loads all the "Edit Virtual Server" sections.


How long does it stick for at that point? Fetching quotas can be a little slow on a system with many users .. but it shouldn't be more than a second.