Howto: Set autoreply from: address


suddenly my user's autoreply messages do not come from the main domain but instead from one of the alias domains: is an alias of Before, .com was used for autoreplies, now it uses .info.

How can I set that to always use the main domain? And BTW: Searching for "autoreply" gives me a "Edit autoreply file" dialog, among others. That's pretty useful, but I can't find it for any virtualmin domain? What's that?

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Christian Aust



Adding subscription... why doesn't it do that itself?

Howdy -- how did they setup the auto-reply? Did they do it from within Virtualmin, or from Usermin?

In the case of Virtualmin, you should see a file for that user in /var/virtualmin-autoreply.

In the case of Usermin, there would be a file in that user's home directory.

The file would contain the auto-reply text, as well as the "From" address to use. You could verify in their auto-reply file that it's setup to use the correct From address.

Obviously it had been set from usermin. I've edited the file in question, it had the wrong .info domain in there as sender. The question remains: What could my customer have done to create such an autoresponder?

I wonder if perhaps Usermin is detecting the from address incorrectly for that user.

If he sends email, is the from address set to the incorrect domain?