Allow User to Change Domain Home Directories

Is there a way to allow virtual server users to set their own sub virtual server domain home directories the same way root users can by clicking change domain and set home directory? For example I create a virtual server. Under change domain, it allows me to change the home directory. But when I login as the virtual server user and create a sub virtual server, it only allows me to change the domain name. The home directory is set automatically. This is a problem if I want to have 2 domains pointing at the same directory.

I looked at owner limits, plan defaults, templates and the main configuration. It seems to allow me to manually change the document root in Apache but not edit the home directory of the virtualmin subservers when logged in as a server user.

This seem like an obvious problem as I am expecting to be able to set up domains the same way cpanel allows users add a domain and set the directory.

Is this possible with Virtualmin?



Currently there is no way to allow non-root users to change home directories, as there is too much scope for problems or security issues. However, if you want to create an additional domain that has the same web content as an existing domain, you should just create an alias domain instead.. This can be done by selecting the existing domain from the left menu, clicking Create Virtual Server, then clicking the link to create an alias domain.

Thank you for explaining the alias server. I guess that will do the trick, but a non-root user still can choose the name of his sub-server directories. Obviously, In regards to the security issue, a non-root user should not be able to change his own home directory. however,I think the non-root user should be able to set and change the directory of any sub-server he creates as long as that directory exists with in his own home directory. I am surprised to find out it does not work that way.

What is your objective in setting a different sub-server home directory though?