Scheduled backup fails; manual works

For some reason one of my scheduled backups isn't working, but if I go in and manually click backup for that scheduled backup it works fine. The error I get is that it cannot create the destination directory.

Failed to create directory /home/customer/virtualmin-backup/full-20110417 : mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/customer/virtualmin-backup/full-20110417': Permission denied

What would cause it to get permission denied when executed via the schedule but not when run manually?

Thanks, Steve



Is this backup being made to a remote destination (like an SSH or FTP server), or to a local file?

Also, was the scheduled backup created by root or by a domain owner?

Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I did not get an email when you updated this.

The backup is being made to a local file within the owners home dir and then it is being transferred to a ssh server for a second copy as "another destination". The backup fails immediately upon trying to create the local backup destination directory before it even gets to the actual archiving and before it tries to do anything ssh related (I believe). I believe the backup was setup by root, although I'm not sure where it tells who created it to be sure.

Thanks Jaime, Steve

You can check if the backup was made by root or by a domain owner on the Edit Scheduled Backup page, by looking for a message like "For domain owner foo" under the title.

Also, what are the permissions on /home/customer/virtualmin-backup , and what Unix user is it owned by?