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I've got these problem when i create an account of email with 50 MB virtualmin say i've got 49.5 MB of email , but it's new and i haven't got none email.If i delete and create the same account it's happen again. You can see with a snapshoot.I havent got limitation with email and ive got 1.46 Gb and i've 450 MB used with webpage. Thanks

Daniel Witoszek Arias

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It is possible that some other files already exist on the system owned by the user's ID. You can search for them with the command :

find / -user

If you find any /tmp/clamav-* files, they can be deleted.


i've delete and i can not find nothing but i've resolve in these way: I've do a new account with another username, so i've renamed the account with info and then it's works.


Sorry , in 2 minutes aggain fail


So do you mean that 2 minutes after the user is created his quota is filling up ?

What were the excess files?

The file was in : /tmp/clamav-244**************************/( files ).

I've delete al files and then memory used it's normal.

I've i see , or detected somthing i'll tell you.


Ok, that can happen sometimes with ClamAV. The fix is to enable use of clamd ..


In another 5 minutes it's full again , i've removed flies in


I need to wait to response if it's ok or not


10 minutes after it's full again , i will do it like tomorrow and i 'll tell you

Thanks again

ClamAV has a bug that can cause this. The fix is to enable use of clamd , at Email Messages -> Spam and Virus Scanning -> Enable ClamAV Server.


I thinks that it's ok but i think that i must wait , ok tomorrow we'll see.



Thamks it's works fine

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