Sending emails through Qmail SMTP


Cloudmin seams to send email using sendmail by default. I had to remove sendmail since it's not compatible with qmail. How do I configure cloudmin/webmin to use smtp? The documentation only explains how to setup smtp for postfix.



Howdy -- one way to do that would be to log into Cloudmin, and click Cloudmin Settings -> Email Settings.

From there, you can specify how exactly it sends emails. You could then have it speak directly to your Qmail server on port 25, rather than using the Postfix/Sendmail command line tools.


I can't find such options. But note that I don't use cloudmin, just virtualmin pro

Any other solution?


Hrm, I'm a bit confused now. Your original post had mentioned that you were trying to setup Cloudmin to send email via Qmail.

So you're not referring to Cloudmin, you're referring to Virtualmin?


Sorry, you were right, I am using Virtualmin, not Cloudmin.

So how do I fix this?


Ah, so if you browse to System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration, what is "Mail server to configure" currently set to?


It is set to Qmail+Vpopmail


Okay, it looks like you can configure Webmin/Virtualmin to use SMTP rather than "sendmail" by going into Webmin -> Servers -> Read User Mail -> Module Config -> System configuration.

Also, for future reference, Jamie is looking into moving those settings in the Webmin Configuration module to make them a bit easier to find. Although we don't run into too many folks using Qmail, we want to make things simple for those who are :-)

After speaking with Jamie further -- it sounds like changing it to use Qmail+Vpopmail as you did should actually cause Virtualmin to use the "qmail-inject" program for sending email.

Can you elaborate on where exactly you're seeing problems?

That is, after changing it to use Qmail+Vpopmail, how can we reproduce the email sending problem that you're having?